Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Weapon Workshop 2015: Prepping For Launch!

Check out the pics below :)

Indiana Christian Camp Warriors...Get your game face on!

Huge ShoutOut to Amanda Slater, Trey Rogers, Micah Fyock, Rodney Human, Craig Cook and everyone else who helped with this Project, for all your help and heart!

-Ephesians 6. Look it up today. Powerful stuff!

Grow strong and God bless,


Approx. 115 Sword Cores: Gluing 115 Pommels = Done!
(Work Phase Completed and Pic Taken on 2-10-15)

Building the Drying Rack: 102 holes! So many, the drill bit finally "bit it" and went to heaven. 
(Work Done and Pic Taken on 2-10-15) ile emotico

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Ashley Kilmer said...

Looks like exciting stuff! How many camps do you have planned for this summer?