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Hope you had a great Thanksgiving celebrating God's goodness!

We haven't done something quite like this before, but we've received some kind, encouraging feedback that has trickled in via text last year.  (Thank you so much to all for all your encouragement and prayer, and mega-thanks to all our camp team).  As always, God deserves all the praise.  If you're curious, feel free to check out the feedback below.

Hope you have a great Christmas!

All for God's glory,

Luke 2


“Just on the phone with the mom of eric (really tall WC kid) who was inquiring about WC2010.  Her husband said that WC was the single most important event that eric has ever been to.  So cool.”
Sarah Schmahl
Children's Pastor
Grandview Church of the Nazarene
Grandview, Washington

“Thank u so much 4 everything ….. u 2 really made it a great day 4 the kids!!”
Warrior's Mom regarding his Warrior's Birthday Bash
Lynchburg, Virginia

“Awesome job today “speedracer”!!!  I don’t feel like I gave you enough credit!  Great job to all your “minions” as well…”
Angie Casola
Father/Son Event Wizard
Brentwood Church
Lynchburg, Virginia

“He is worn out = SUCCESS :)”
Warrior's Mom
Lynchburg, Virginia

“LOVE the “Warrior’s Creed”!  Stopped at Walgreens and framed it for Caleb.  :)"
Warrior's Mom
Lynchburg, Virginia


Thursday, September 8, 2011


Special newly posted videos linked below...

September 8, 2011...Today WARRIOR CAMP turns 4!  Thank you so much for all your enduring prayer, support, and encouragement = huge. As of this past summer, we crossed a mile-marker, and now well over 100 Warriors to date have battled it out at WARRIOR CAMP in Idaho, Washington, and Virginia, and dug deep into the manly, epic stuff from God's Word.  So proud of these young warriors.  We're cheering them on as they grow and mature in what Christian author Eric Ludy (one of my role models) would call "the lost greatness of masculinity". It's a masculinity different from the predictably lame version that characterizes TV sitcoms. (Yeah, Raymond is great for a laugh, but he's definitely not anyone's role model).  Instead, the masculinity we're interested in is patterned after the King of Kings Jesus Christ, who took on death head on, and defeated it for you and me. It's anchored in God's Word, which is likened to a sharp, double-edged Sword. We're called and challenged to be bold as a lion.  This is the kind of faith that God ignites to bring giants to the ground.  That takes on a larger enemy with only 300 men.  It will look tyrants in the face and declare unconditional allegiance to God alone.  It will be stoned, shipwrecked, flogged, and crucified upside down, and still count it a joy to suffer for the Name.  It's passion and commitment for what is in God's heart.  It will use staffs, slings, rocks, donkey jawbones ... whatever it takes.  The flame of Christ's gospel has transformed men across the spectrum, from the most elite Pharisee, to the scorned tax-collector, to the roughneck fisherman.  No favoritism.  No respector of persons.  It's not conditional or compromising.  It can't be bought or bribed.  It's ignited by an otherwordly flame that began at the cross and exploded in glorious triumph at the empty tomb. 

And in that triumph, to live in His strength, set apart from the world, declaring war on sin by that powerful grace, and the joy to live white-hot and aflame with God's epic purpose, which is far greater and higher than any counterfeit the enemy might aim to bait us with.  To take a stand against evil, and for what is good.  To lend your God-given strength to stand in the gap and protect what is beautiful, tender, good, vulnerable, valuable, and True, and if necessary, to bleed in the fray.  That's masculinity as God designed it.  That's something to celebrate. It's world-changing, and I hope it fuels your passion too!


On this 4 year anniversary of the very first Warrior Camp, I want to do something special that we haven't done before.  (Records are meant to be broken, right?).  So, on this momentous occasion (drumroll please :) we're going to fling open the iron-clad vaults, and openly release not 1 but 2 special Warrior Camp videos for the very first time.  (Big thanks to Jaden, one of our Media Wizards, for making this "biggest video release" happen).  So, just wanted to invite you to grab some pop-corn and check out the new links below.  (No tickets necessary.  It's on the house :).  Hope you enjoy!

       (Production Props to Brent Bartlow, Warrior Camp Media Wizard)

WARRIOR CAMP . Extended Edition
       (Production Props to Jaden Bartlow, Warrior Camp Media Wizard)

We're also humbled and excited about what God may have on the horizon for next Summer. (More on this later!).

Much love to all of you in Warrior Nation. Take heart, stay connected, and God bless!

Psalm 18

WARRIOR CAMP . Running Record

WARRIOR CAMP Recap 101 (below)

I thought it might be a fun time to push the rewind button a bit and track Warrior Camp from Day 1 through the present.  Not that there's ever any confusion here, but God gets all the glory! So buckle up for a running version of WARRIOR CAMP Recap 101:

Easter Weekend, 2005: God inspires the vision for Warrior Camp

Camp #1
Nampa, Idaho
Lake Lowell Park
September 8, 2007
Attendance: 17 boys
Age: Mostly Jr. High
The spark that started a fire = First WARRIOR CAMP ever. God gets all the credit! Thanks to Todd and all the Warriors for being brave guinea pigs! 10 hours in which the vision became alive. The debut for what would define WARRIOR CAMP. "Awesome Game Time. Awesome God Time". Almost no $ to work with, but God provides. Raft Relays, Highland Games, Weapon Workshop, and Sword Battles. Discipleship Rallies: "Mighty Men from Judges". "How to Be a Good King". "What a Godly girl wants". Prayer/Share/Rock Ceremony. (Guess which one was the favorite?) Also: First WARRIOR CAMP DVD and WARRIOR CAMP Pics are borne. Slowly but surely, the word begins to spread! Big thanks to our original team and original warriors! A fantastic day ending in amazing gratitude to and awe of God. One Warrior gets saved as a result!

Camp #2
Grandview, Washington
Grandview Church of the Nazarene Field
July 10, 2009
Attendance: 24 boys
Age: grades 4-7
Sophomore Event! Hitting the road and going out of state for our first non-home-church invite, and furthest distance ever travelled for WARRIOR CAMP. The Warriors made the front page! Also new: Games, Discipleship Rallies: "Dare to Be a Daniel", Knighthood Ceremony, Weapon Workshop: Blow Guns, new Discipleship Speaker dedicated exclusively to the Discipleship Rallies, Expanded Team, 1st WARRIOR CAMP T-shirts.

Camp #3
Grandview, Washington
Grandview Church of the Nazarene Field
July 17, 2010
Attendance: 33 boys
Age: grades 3-6
First 2nd invite. Woohoo! Biggest Warrior turnout ever. Warriors made it into "The Daily Sun" and "The Grandview Herald" 3 combined times. We're proud of you Washington Warriors! Thanks so much for having us back. Other 1sts: New Games and Discipleship Rallies: "Honor. Courage. Commitment to God." Monument Ceremony in which every Warrior voluntarily made some kind of commitment to God = so awesome to see! WARRIOR CAMP Obstacle Course (aka "The Crucible"), Warrior Camp Dog Tags, Group Photo, Official Photo Slideshow, 2nd WARRIOR CAMP T-shirt, and Sunday morning service show-and-tell. Thanks a ton Grandview! We love you all, and will see you next Summer!

Camp #4
Nampa, Idaho
Bethel Church of the Nazarene Field
July 31, 2010
Attendance: 25 boys
Age: Grades 4-7
(Note: We were praying for 25 boys. Praise God!)
Back on the Stomping Grounds! First WARRIOR CAMP back in Idaho in almost 3 years. For some of our Warriors, they got to experience WARRIOR CAMP like their older brothers had done in 2007. Final discipleship rally in which 24 Warriors voluntarily made some kind of commitment to God! = awesome. It was great to bring WARRIOR CAMP back home where it all began! This also capped off our first "double-header" summer in which we had 2 WARRIOR CAMPS. You Idaho Warriors are awesome, and we're looking forward to seeing you again next Summer!

Camp #5
Nampa, Idaho
Bethel Church of the Nazarene Field
July 15, 2011
Attendance: 20 boys
Age: Grades 4-7
The camp that broke the 100 Warriors Barrier!  This marked the 3rd Warrior Camp in Nampa, and the first back-to-back Warrior Camp in Nampa. It was great having some of the Warriors from 2010 back and pumped up for Warrior Camp 2011. Idaho Warriors challenged Virginia Warriors in the Shout Out Challenge, and peaked out at 100.1 decibels to take a close 2nd place. First-time-ever-debuts included prize drawings, the Green Machines (i.e. low-profile huffy stunt trikes with 180 degree spin capability), a 10-foot-diameter beach ball, and the local Firemen coming out to soak us all @ 200 gallons per minute = so much fun!  Each Warrior also got to take a turn spraying the firehose.  It was also the Northwest debut for one of our newer, fun games (with a familiar name) called Cops and Robbers, and Nampa Warriors had the chance to play it for the first time within 2,000+ miles. They also played the jail-breaker game "Prisoner of War" for its Nampa debut. In the Discipleship Rallies, students were challenged and encouraged to dare to be bold like Daniel, the famous prayer warrior from Scripture who, no matter the pressure, wouldn't budge in or water down his stalwart faith in a big, worthy God.  We closed with a knighthood ceremony involving a William Wallace claymore, and in which students had the chance to voluntarily sign and obtain the Warrior's Creed - a bold, unflinching statement based on the early chapters of Judges, and the heroes therein. One kid, Dawson, from Spokane, really wanted to come to Warrior Camp, and won the all-time furthest distance traveled award. 2-3 other students specially requested their own copy of the Warrior's Creed which they signed, and at least one of these kids now has it framed at home. Praise God for a safe, unforgettable, fun, and spiritually impacting camp! Thanks to a great team of Warrior Camp Leaders: Chris, Mike, Jaden, Casey, Lynn, Rodney, Dave, and all who helped make it happen. Thanks to the moms and dads for letting your sons attend.  Looking forward to seeing them again next summer!

Also, we're really excited for the team of female leaders (Alyssa, Christine, Natalie and Sarah) who met that weekend to cast a vision for launching a special girl's camp in Summer of 2012. Thanks for all you do, and we're cheering you on!

Camp #?
Dakar, Senegal.  Africa
Venue: Soccer Field
February 22, 2014
Attendance: Approximately 51 Boys and Youth (At The ShoutOut)
Age: Approximately Age 5-20+
MC Youth Pastor: Louie Pierre

Camp #?
Baad Village, Senegal.  Africa.
Venue: Baad Village Church . Outdoor Area
February 24, 2014
Attendance: 25 boys (At The ShoutOut)
Age: Approximately 6-11

Camp #?
Nampa, Idaho
Venue: Bethel Church of the Nazarene and Church Field
June 7, 2014
Attendance: 28 Boys + 4 Dads  (In ShoutOut)
Age: Grades 4-6

Camp #?
Grandview, Washington
Venue: Grandview Church of the Nazarene and Church Field
June 20, 2014
Attendance: 26 Boys (In ShoutOut)
Age: Grades 4-6

Camp #?
Nampa, Idaho
Venue: Rogers Yard for Base Camp, Bethel Church, and the Jungle
August 22-24, 2014
Attendance: 10 Competitors + 4 Dads (In ShoutOut)
Age: Grades 7-12  (Primarily Highschoool)

Camp #?
Greenleaf, Idaho.
Venue: Greenleaf Friends Church and Football Field
October 11, 2014
Attendance: 13 boys and 3 Dads (In ShoutOut)
Age: Grades 2-6

All of us are super excited for what God may have next, and humbled at the opportunity to be apart of it! To the Nampa Warriors: keep growing as a man after God's own heart. Don't stop. Don't compromise. He's worthy. Hope to see you next summer!

(Total WARRIOR CAMP Attendance to Date: 119)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Date: July 21, 2011
From: Near God's giant Sawtooth Mountains in Stanley, Idaho


The pics are up! Praise God for a fun, epic Warrior Camp, bold commitments to God ... and no fatalities :) Props to all you awesome Idaho Warriors, and everyone who helped make it happen.  Don't forget the Warrior's Creed, and the commitment you made to God.  Hope you enjoy the pics!

More later and God bless,



Manual View:

Slideshow View:


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Coming Home.  Taken from my window on 3-22-11 . DC9 . Detroit -> Minneapolis @ 30,000 feet!

DATE: March 22, 2011

FROM: somewhere between 28,000-30,000 feet

Hello Warrior Nation! Wow. It seems like each one of our interactions has something distinguishing or record-making about it. Today is no exception. I thought it'd be fun to talk to you from inside this big DC9 somewhere between Detroit and Minneapolis while cruising at about 30,000 feet, and knifing through the atmosphere at over 500 miles per hour. (Check that off the bucket-list!) Believe it or not, before departing for Detroit earlier today, eavesdropping passengers (including myself) witnessed some comic relief when the otherwise professional and extroverted stewardess asked a female passenger to return to her previous seat in order to help balance the weight of the plane! (I’m still not sure if she was joking, but am sure that any male attendant would’ve gotten slapped for that one).

Anyway, for those 2 people out there (1 being my mom) who may be interested in why I happen to be airborne at the moment, thanks for facilitating a creative segue! I’m actually in the process of personally moving for the first major time ever, and (believe it or not) locking down in one place for once.  You see, I’ve been bouncing back and forth between Idaho and Virginia like a traveling nomad for awhile, but this time it’s different.  Some of you may remember when Warrior Camp packed its bags and headed to Virginia for an East Coast debut last year, and how excited we were to go through the doors God was opening.  That was a year of God doing big things, and I encourage you to check out the related blog posts!  While I'll probably bounce back to Virginia once in awhile during vacation days, this year something new is on the horizon.  When it comes to youth ministry, things are about to become a bit more like a running a full-fledged Taco Bell vs. driving that mobile burrito truck on the street corner.  (Not that there's anything wrong with driving a burrito truck!).  Anyway, for much of the last 2 weeks, I've been in Virginia  hanging out with my bro and cousin over their Spring break, saying good-bye to friends,  practically jumping on top of my stuff to cram it into moving boxes, and getting on a first-name basis with the UPS employees.  (No joke...they ARE all about logistics!)  For the next week-ish, my stuff will be gradually showing up on my doorstep in Nampa, Idaho.  It's a farewell that is full of unforgettable memories, but it's good to be coming home.

Why the move?  Since our last update, God has opened up an exciting ministry door in my original stomping grounds of Nampa, Idaho. About 3 weeks ago (3-2-11), my pastor called and broke the news: following my interview (2-26-11), he and the board were inviting me to serve as the youth pastor of my home church. To say I’m excited would be about as understated as suggesting  that Agent Orange makes for questionable toothpaste, or that Kimbo Slice has forgotten what Walmart-aisle has the shaving cream.  It's the start of something new, and is still sinking in!  I want to be faithful, fully plugged in, and used by Him at this new post, and your prayers are greatly treasured.  In addition, the visionary wheels are spinning over what new ministry opportunities God might open up for Warrior Camp, as we prayerfully and diligently adjust our cross-hairs and focus in on the Northwest.  A new chapter begins!

At the risk of sounding like the Academy Awards, thanks so much to Dave, Angela, Diana, and to One Body in Christ Ministries (OBIC) for giving us the opportunity to debut Warrior Camp in the East Coast last year.  I really mean that.  None of this would have happened without you.  Big high-fives also to the awesome team at Brentwood Church for (being brave enough to give us "out-of-staters") the opportunity to partner with you in the first Father/Son Warrior Camp Event ever.  (Amee and Angie: you're a blessing and a riot to work with!).  Props to all the Dads for going the distance with their sons that day.  To all the boys in the Warrior Club, including Josh and Caleb: I love your Bible names and the Bible heroes who owned them before you.  Let them inspire your own walk with God and don't forget what He did in you yourselves last Fall.  Keep owning Scripture, maturing in strength and courage, and growing into the young man after God's own heart that He calls you to be.  Thanks also to the 3 moms who invited us to realize a fun idea of one-day running Warrior's Birthday Bash Parties for birthday boys.  Hope you boys enjoyed your party!    Thanks a ton to our willing and dedicated East Coast team: Jaden, Brent, Nate, Vargas, and Camp Nurse Ashley for all your sweat and enthusiasm.  It shows and is so motivating.  I refuse to believe that what God did in all of these kid's lives last year in Lynchburg, Virginia will be hampered or erased by this new transition to Idaho.  God is way too big for that.  May all the ministries at OBIC and Brentwood continue flourishing in His big and capable hands.

That’s all for now (before I get choked up) but definitely more later.  As always, thanks so much for your words of encouragement, donations, support, and prayer.

Looking forward to this new season God is unfolding, and I trust you’re experiencing God’s hand afresh too!

Stay connected, and God bless,

Isaiah 43:16-21

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


February 1, 2011

From: Spokane, Washington

Hello WARRIOR NATION!  I hope you're doing well and enjoying a great start to the new year.  

First, I wanted to let you know that this last weekend marked the Winter Retreat for the youth group at Cornerstone Church, in Spokane, Washington.  Chris Pope, my friend and our Warrior Camp discipleship speaker, is the youth pastor there, and gave me the chance to participate and run games for their Winter Retreat at Chewelah Peak this year.  (FYI:  for me, running games at a God-centered event is like diving into a canyon of berry covered cheesecake :)  There's some great stuff that could be said here, but the most important thing by far is that 6 students got saved!  God is doing big things in that youth group, and He gets all the praise!

On another note, it has been a little while since we last talked, but I have 2 goals for this very special 1st kick-off update for 2011.

1. Keep it short(er) and sweet
2. Give you a quick snapshot of what’s new from 2010

Ready? Here we go…



2010 marked the year in which Warrior Camp packed its bags and headed out for its East coast debut. We really welcome feedback from campers and their families, whether negative or positive. While we haven’t exactly done something like this before, what follows is a response from both an Idaho mom and a Virginia dad whose sons attended Warrior Camp in 2010. Both were kind enough to let us include their responses in this update. Feel free to check them out below.


From an Idaho Mom:  


From a Virginia Dad:

“Guys. Sammy and I went to Warrior Camp a week and a half ago. I'm still sore and Sam is still talking about it. Really, really good stuff! A day of field games, fireworks, blow-gun building, short historical and spiritual lessons, cooking over a fire, and wandering around in the woods with your son. Awesome! In addition, Jon Dupin, the pastor from Brentwood called out the dads (and a couple of granddads) and gave us a short, in your face kind of challenge about what dads are called to do and be...

There is a bunch here and I could go on and on but I want you to know that it changed me and created one super day filled with memories and lessons for Sam and me-one of those days that will never be forgotten. You know how they say your life flashes back in front of you just before you kick the bucket? Yeah, Warrior Camp will be one of those pictures for me.

Warrior Camp is a Christian based program put together by a guy from Idaho named Derek Bartlow. He is copied on this e. This was the first camp east of the Mississippi. Derek is living here in the burg with some friends from Brentwood for the next few weeks. I would very much like for a couple or all of you guys to get together with him and let him tell you more about it and possibly offer this to the folks at Blue Ridge. Also, they are having another one (sponsored by a different church) on the 13th at David Dudley's farm off of Leesville Road for 6-8th grades.

There are many, many great things about this program but I will mention just this one more: uninvolved dads! Unfortunately, it seems that no matter what we do as a church we can't reach some of these guys-they won't have an All In life for themselves. But their sons, now that is another story. They will run the wheels off a minivan making sure their kids get all the sports, education, and social life they can. Warrior Camp is a way to reach these guys or at least take another crack at them from a different angle.

Derek says he can meet with us on Thursday or Friday around lunch and if that doesn't work there is a possibility of meeting with him between services on Sunday. Please hit "reply all" and let us know.”


John Doe
Lynchburg, Virginia


That’s all for now.  Thanks to all the moms and dads who allow their sons to attend WARRIOR CAMP!  Thank you also so much for your support, prayers, and encouragement. 2010 was our biggest year yet for Warrior Camp, and God gets all the praise! We’re excited about the year ahead, and some new ministry opportunities that seem to be opening up. God does things big, and we want to faithfully be apart of that in this new year.

Stay connected, and I hope you’re off to a great start to 2011!

All for Him,

Isaiah 40:28-31