Friday, August 22, 2014

WAR GAMES 2014: Ice Bucket Challenge!

From the WARRIOR CAMP Facebook Page Post on 8-22-14 (and subsequently posted to our Blog)

WHAT: Ice Bucket Challenge @ the WAR GAMES 2014

DATE: 8-22-14


Daniel Hastie > Pastor Jimmy @ CFC Church
Mitchel Paul Bates > Kelia Eldredge
Trey Rogers > Tyler Rogers
Hunter Halsted > Best friend Black Kyle
Joshua Parke > My Dad
Robert Coates > Morgan Freeman
Derek Bartlow > (See below)

If you did this challenge, tag the people you're calling out!

Hey! Derek here. I was called out by Sam Antosh, John Bartlow, and later by Kym Slater. (Thanks guys!) Prior to the challenge, I called out all of the WAR GAMES Competitors, and I now call out all of FireProof Youth Group, Leaders included, and the entire Bethel Church Staff to do the Ice Bucket Challenge...(and I officially add a challenge to Jaden Bartlow, Janessa Bartlow, Natalie Bartlow-Samples, and Jarryd Samples, all the Bartlow cousins, Christopher Pope and the 404 boys, Steven M Darling, the Finn Legends, the Biltmore Angels, Kim Bruns, David Dudley, the newsboys (official) and Gina Carano!) You have 24 hours :)

If you want to donate, consider doing so through a legitimate, moral ALS organization.

And pray for those you might know who have ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, and for any others in your circle of friends who may be living with a disease. Pray for a cure and for God's healing! He's a big God!

And a big shout out to all the Ice Bucket WARRIORS who completed this challenge! — with Joshua Parke and 5 others at WAR GAMES Base Camp

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